Multiple dependent dropdowns in one dimension

  • 17 January 2024
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I have a dimension that has 6 fields = 3 pairs of two dimensions.

Dimension: GL account

Pairs: Lower account group  → Upper account group

Pairs are different because account grouping can be done differently for different reporting formats.


I am abel to set up dependency for 1 pair. But I cannot use the same metric for another pair. As a result, I need to create duplicate metrics for dependencies for other 2 pairs.


Is there a cleaner approach?


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As the pairs are properties of the dimension of the metric, you can change the pair you use in the Pivot and change the view only, not the metric structure and thus work with only one metric but 2 views, which is better indeed.


You could also put the metric in two tables and create your views there, so you have a clear differentiation but only one metric