Show Quarter and Year End Headcount without summing periods

  • 5 March 2024
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I am trying to show just the quarter end and year end headcount. However, rather than taking the last month in the quarter or the year, the quarter end numbers sums every month. How do I set up headcount so the quarter does not show a sum of the periods but rather the last period? For now, I’ve created a report with just the last months of the quarter but I plan to add headcount to the bottom of a PnL which has accounts summed in the quarter.


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Hi @Cindy ,

Your question is similar to this community question where you can modify the aggregators to view the last number for a period in my first reply but I would recommend to apply the second approach described in my second reply where you create the display metrics for the quarter end and year end.

Hope this helps you achieve the expected outcome,