This cell is an aggregation. Only underlying data can be edited

  • 13 May 2022
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I am trying to input into a cell, I keep getting the following error.  Any idea what is causing this?  Thanks in advance!



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3 replies

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Hi Chris,


This is very common for new users. In Pigment, our grid & data is multi-dimensional. I’m guessing on this grid you have a dimension we don’t see, like country or department.

By default, Pigment page selectors for dimensions will be set to All Values, the total. 

You can’t input on a total, so please select one low level item in each dimension you have (each should have a page selector) and then you’ll be able to input.



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That was it! I adjusted the page selector from All Values to the country I was trying to input into!  Thank you 

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Hi Chris,

It’s a common error you may see while editing data. It means that the view is actually an aggregation (yes, like in the message) so you either have one or several selectors set on several items, or you’re missing a dimension in your view.
Let’s say you’re trying to change a metric that’s Sales by Product x Country. You can see in my screenshot that Product Category is set to All values. This means that if you were to input a value, Pigment wouldn’t know on which Product Category to input the number.

Here I’ve selected the Product Category : Shirts which is the finest level of data on my metric. The cell appears light yellow when I hover my mouse, which means the data can be edited.


If you’d want to make sure you don’t forget about this, you can change the page options and set the selector as a single selector (no aggregation possible).


What if you don’t have any selectors left? Sometimes you may have removed some dimensions from the view itself, so you’ll have to add it again as rows, columns or pages. Make sure all dimensions are present in your view, select the finest level and you should be good to go!