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  • 18 October 2022
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Is there a way to get rid of the decimals in the below chart without reverting to grid form first?




Best answer by Benoit 27 October 2022, 18:27

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5 replies

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Charts values reflect the grid. So you’ll have to go on the grid view in order to remove the decimals from the format panel.

If you would like a different behavior, I would recommend to create an Idea. This feedback will be reviewed and eventually considered for future improvements.

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Hi @Benoit 

I can’t see that it works the way you are describing. I have a bar chart that shows decimals for both bar labels and values on the y-axis. It doesn’t help to change visualization to grid, format the numbers to not include decimals and then switch visualization back to chart. The decimals are still there. Any other setting that needs to be changed to remove the decimals in the chart?   

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Found the answer to my own question above, so if anyone else is struggling with the same issue, the trick is to click “Select all cells” when formatting the grid, then it also fixes the chart view. 

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Hi @Ola ,

Here is the behavior I have.


A bar chart with decimal in both bar labels and axis



I swith to the grid view



I select my cells and format them to remove decimals



my grid figures don’t have decimals anymore



I switch to chart


and my labels and axis are without decimals.


Please let me know if this helps or if you’re facing a different behavior?



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I did not see your second response before sending mine.

Yes, you have to apply the format to all the cells.

Good catch!


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