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  • 3 February 2024
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Does there exist a way to take the commentary (a metric of type text) from across two different tables? For instance, commentary about an Opex Expense related expense, for example Travel Expense (table 1) and Employee Expense (table 2).  Each table has a different set of metrics and each allows for text entry to supplement the expense to provide additional detail.  Downstream the request is to compile all expenses in a FPA view of all expenses entered across the company and then additionally to include the expense detail (text) with the relevant expense lines.  Bringing the data from the two different tables is no issue as we can use the “+” operand to include data from both tables.  This presents an issue when attempting the same with Text as the metric type of text does not accept Text as an arithmetic operand.  I attempted to utilize & but that did not align properly to the relevant line items being planned.  Curious if anyone else has come across this...


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This would be the ideal state with a single Commentary metric allowing for the compilation of all commentary across the three tables.  This of course does not work from a formula standpoint however.



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Hi @ELeff_Acc,

To merge text metrics, you would need a text operator “&” which will concatenate the text metrics. (you could add a  & “ “ & in your formula to separate text form each metric with a space)
I believe this question  is similar to what you are trying to achieve.

Hope this helps,


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Great, thank you so much, that’s just what I needed!