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  • 24 January 2023
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I have a metric (dimensions Month and Employee) where I have the Country of an Employee by Month (for example : from Jan 22 To Jun 22 → France, From Jul 22 to Dec 22 → UK).

I have a Transaction with financial accounts with columns of Month and Employee ID.

I need to get the Country of the Employee in the Transaction, according to the Month.


How can I do that ?




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4 replies

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Hello Alexandre,

You should be able to bring your Country mapping (format Country, dimensions Employee x Month) to your transaction, based on the other properties.

In a Country-formatted property of your transaction, you could type something like 'Country Mapping'[BY: Transaction.Employee, Transaction.Month]

The syntax is similar to aggregating a value from a transaction (e.g. Transaction.Value[BY: Transaction.Month]) but works in the other way: your replacing the employee and month dimensions from your source block to the transaction itself as a dimension, using the same BY.

Let me know if that works for you!

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Hello François,

The format of my Metric is a Dimension (of the Country). Is it possible to work as well ?

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Yes, this is the assumption I had: 'Country Mapping' should be a metric (dimension: Country), with a structure of Employee and Month.

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Thank you, it is working !