How to navigate in an Org Chart

  • 27 September 2023
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Our Organization Chart (Org Chart) is a great tool for visualizing hierarchies and understanding relationships within your organization. This article walks you through how to effectively interact with and navigate the Org Chart.


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How to interact with Org Chart cards


When you first access the Org Chart, you'll notice that each item is represented as a "card." These cards serve as the building blocks of your organizational hierarchy.


Here are some key interactions you can perform:

  • Click to Explore: You can click on each card to explore its details and relationships. Once clicked on, the details will open in the sidebar.

  • Mouse Navigation: Move your mouse around the chart to view different cards as you navigate through the hierarchy.

  • Zoom In and Out: Use your mouse's scrolling wheel to zoom in and out for a closer or broader view.

  • Zoom Buttons: Located in the bottom menu, you can also use dedicated zoom-in and zoom-out buttons.

  • Fit Org Chart on Screen: The "Fit Org Chart on Screen" button will automatically adjust the zoom level to display all expanded cards within the available screen space. If the details are open in the sidebar, you will need to click X to see the full chart.

  • Reset Org Chart: Clicking the "Reset Org Chart" button will collapse all cards and bring you back to the top-level view.


Expanding and collapsing cards


To explore the hierarchy in more detail, you can expand cards by clicking on the number displayed below each card. This number indicates how many cards are directly below it. For example, if a card shows "+4" at the bottom, clicking on it will reveal the four cards subordinate to it.


Sometimes the expand/collapse of cards can alter the ordering of the cards being displayed in the Org Chart.


Searching for items


There is a search bar at the top of the Org Chart labeled "Find an Item." You can use this search bar to quickly locate a specific item or group within the chart. Additionally, you can use the dropdown menu next to the search bar to select a specific item for focus.


Sidebar details


Clicking on a card opens a side panel that provides more information. In the "Children" section, you'll find a list of items listed under the selected card in the hierarchy. This section helps you understand the relationships within your organization. You can also view any details assigned to the card in this panel.


Working with groups


If your Org Chart includes groups, you'll see the items within each group listed under the "Contains" section. Additionally, any reports related to the selected item will be listed here.


Exporting to PDF or as PNG 


The Export To PDF or Export as PNG functionalities will not work if there are images used.  In instances like this, we recommend taking a screenshot. 


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