Pigment Bar Chart options

  • 11 August 2022
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Bar charts are useful for showing comparisons between categories of data or comparing changes for multiple groups over the same period of time. This article will discuss the bar chart-specific options.



When preparing for creating a chart, the way you establish your view has a big impact on the result.  Review the following articles to help customize your view before customizing options.

Use the Pivot functionality to change axis and add/remove dimensions

Use the Filter feature to remove items from a list.

Use the Sort functionality to change the order of items in the chart. 


Here are the specifics of Bar chart options 





The Layout setting configures how series are clustered visually on a chart.

Grouped : Series are clustered side-by-side.


Stacked : Series values are added on the Y-axis, so each consecutive series appears above the last one. Make sure the units of all series match.


The Direction setting configures the bar direction.


Vertical: bars of each series will be displayed vertically.


Horizontal: bars of each series will be displayed horizontally.

Bar width  Control the width of each individual bar.  The left side will bring thicker bars, move the slider to the right for skinnier bars. 

Bar Label

The Bar Label setting shows/hides the label inside each bar displaying the value of the bar.

Toggle on/off

(on by default)

When bars become too thin to display within the bar they will disappear unless Allow Label overlap is turned on. 

Allow Label overlap

The Bar Label setting shows/hides the label inside each bar displaying the value of the bar. This feature ensures labels are present even if the bars are too thin. 

Toggle on/off

(on by default) 

X label orientation

The X label orientation setting configures the orientation of the X-axis labels. To avoid label overlap, use the diagonal or vertical option.

Horizontal, vertical or diagonal

Color Theme

The Color Theme option configures different presets of colors to represent each series.

Outside of your Workspace color Palette. Pigment support 9 presets; Pigment, Rainbow Spectrum, Copenhagen Facades, Sunset Boulevard, Winter Wonderland, Utility, Moreno Glacier, Autumn in New York, Summer sky.

Series colors  Select the individual colors for items within a Series. Assign each item its own individual color. Pigment remembers the order of your selection if you switch through different Color themes. For example, if you assign an item the first color in a palette, it will remain the first color regardless of which theme you select. 

Show X gridline and Show Y gridline

The X gridline and Y gridline options enable the appearance of gridlines extending from the X and Y-axis.

Toggle on/off

(on by default)

Hide Y axis The Hide Y axis option removed the Y axis from view.

Toggle on/off

(on by default)


The Legend setting shows/hides the Legend of the chart series. Use this option to display or hide the legend.

Toggle on/off

(on by default)

Legend Position

The Legend Position setting configures the position of the legend.

The legend can be set to 4 different positions: Botton right, Top right, Bottom center, Top center.

(Bottom right by default)

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