7 ways to prepare for EOY budgeting in Pigment

  • 26 September 2022
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For most finance teams, end-of-year budgeting is the busiest time of year. To help things run smoothly as you use Pigment for your planning, we've compiled 7 ways you can set your team and your users up for success:

  1. Ensure all relevant users can access Pigment
    This time of year often sees more users accessing Pigment than usual, and we often get support tickets around logging in and access rights. Here's how to prevent this.

  2. Brush up on skills with our Pigment Academy
    Our self-paced, on-demand Pigment Academy has officially launched! This means it's easier than ever to make sure all your users understand the basics and more.

  3. Prepare all required boards for input
    During budgeting, user input is crucial. Make sure you build and validate all your required boards and prepare them for input before your users need them.

  4. Validate user journeys and boards with the people they’re built for
    No matter how comprehensive the architecture is, your users need to be able to easily input data and get the appropriate output, so validate that experience early.

  5. Take any snapshots you need before starting
    Snapshots are crucial for reporting and analysis, especially when you're likely to have lots of data input and manipulation. Create a baseline by taking snapshots now.

  6. Follow our performance optimization best practices
    Your workspace will be busier than ever during the budgeting cycle, so make sure you're following best practices. Check out our top tips for performance optimization.

  7. Pause work on new applications or use cases
    We love to see new use cases brought into Pigment! However, the EOY budgeting cycle may not be the best time to do it. Instead, validate the processes you already have.


For more help preparing for your EOY budgeting cycle, speak to your Pigment CSM, or check out our Pigment Community for more best practices!

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