Create and Edit a Board in an Application

  • 21 December 2021
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You have successfully created an Application, imported data and built up your Metrics. Now it's time to visualize all of this data. That's where Boards come in!



Creating a Board


To create a Board, first open an Application. You will automatically land on the "Board" section. From here, just click the Button "+ New Board" on the right.



Then name your Board and start adding widgets to it.

You can fill your Boards with Grids, Charts, Lists or Text areas...



Here is how a finalized Board could look like:


You can edit your Board by clicking on the "Edit Board" button.

You can also comment a Board widget and tag someone.

By default, any user who can access your Application can view your Board and soon comment on it.

Nevertheless, due to Metric access rights on sensitive data (such as salaries for instance) some users may not be able to see all of the data displayed in a Board. In this case, they will still see the Board but will see blank cells where sensitive data is shown, see example below.




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